My Little Ternura

Over a year in and while my Spanish has improved exponentially, I still find myself making silly mistakes. Luckily, my nanny and my husband are nice enough to correct me – even if they laugh at me first. 🙂

The other night, Gray and I were sitting on the couch with the newest member of our family, and I referred to him as my little ternura.

Victoria Holguin Fotografia

“It’s sweet,” I said, “That Rosa calls him a ternura, because her parents gave her one for her birthday when she was little.”

Gray looked at me with a confused expression.

“Because they’re from the campo – she got a little baby calf for her birthday for their farm,” I explained.

“Oh, well, ternura isn’t calf,” Gray laughed. “Ternura is tenderness, you’re thinking of ternera.”


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