Best Laid Plans

Sometimes, despite all good intentions, nothing seems to go right.

This past weekend was a “Puente” – a three day weekend! And I was determined that we would not spend it inside our apartment. I found a few options within 1.5 hours drive, and Gray and I decide on one: Suesca and the Embalse del Sisga. Both are peaceful, outdoorsy places with nice hikes and water – things we haven’t done or seen in months!

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My mind is a blur as Saturday morning arrives and I race around packing bags, feeding the toddler breakfast, trying to shower.

How is it possible that we need this much stuff just for a day trip?  Packing light has never been my strength.

Gray leaves to put our diplomatic plates on the car and comes back up with bad news. It won’t start.

No problem, I’ll head over to our neighbors and ask for help.

Jumping the car requires extensive googling, since we have only done it once, and our neighbor has barely driven her car in 3 years and doesn’t even remember how to open the hood.

Once the car is running, Gray goes to buy gas for it while I head back upstairs to scrounge up some lunch for Ingrid.

My phone rings and Gray delivers the final nail in the coffin or our trip, “I don’t think the air conditioning is working.”

Although Bogota is not a hot place, the pollution can be suffocating when you are driving with the windows down. Rather than melt or suffocate, we decide to call a mechanic and call off the trip.  The mechanic says he’ll come to our home and pick up the car that afternoon.

Feeling deflated, I put Ingrid down for a nap and unpack our bags.

Sunday morning. It is the most beautiful morning and we are dying to get out on our bikes for Ciclovia (a bike event every Sunday and Colombian Holiday in which they close down many streets in the city to allow people space to bike, run, walk, skateboard, rollerblade, etc.).


Unfortunately – or fortunately, we all sleep in and don’t have time to go out before church at 10:45. By the time we get home, Ingrid desperately needs a nap and sleeps until after the end of Ciclovia at 2pm. Gray offers to stay home while she naps, so I go out by myself on my bike for a little bit.

I get home right before the rain begins, and we are trapped inside the rest of the day. At this point, the cold I came down with on Friday has gotten much worse and I lie on the floor in the family room, reading whatever books Ingrid brings to me. She is sweet and cooperative, despite being trapped in the house all weekend long.

So that brings us to Monday, St. Joseph’s Day. We originally had plans to go to Chicaque Park to hike without Ingrid since Rosa was planning to work.  Except we all sleep in past 8am, and we don’t really have time to drive all the way there and back before Rosa leaves at 3:30.

Feeling a little guilty, we opt to leave Ingrid at home while we go out by ourselves for Ciclovia. We end up biking as far north as we can go, before turning around and going back. We stop for lunch in Parque 93 and enjoy a lunch that doesn’t involve chasing a toddler around a restaurant. Overall, we end up biking over 16 miles and seeing a lot of new parts of the city we hadn’t seen before, and just getting to enjoy precious time by ourselves without the toddler.

29425056_10160759907335725_8175075295628361728_n    IMG_2066.JPG

Despite none of our plans actually materializing for the weekend, we still enjoyed being together and doing the few things that we did manage to do. But we are also looking forward to Semana Santa and our visitors in April to take us out of the city for real.

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